We are in strange and confusing times, where just about everything seems to be unattainable. Things that were once goals have become only dreams, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to live alone anymore without a roommate, with costs of living skyrocketing like it has. Friends and family that I once knew to be very adamant Christians have changed or lost their faith altogether. Now, I’m not blaming this on the economy, but you have to admit, things are way more confusing today than they ever were before. Ask a row of people, any age, any gender, “do you have any idea what is going on in the world, with your life, or with anything?” Why are we here? Why this planet? Why is our Commander-in-Chief basically a Hollywood star, like a Kardashian or something? Wouldn’t he do a more productive job if he were anonymous? How can you run a country if you’re always meddling in media drama? Why is the news basically a fear monger, can current events just be straight-forward without all the theatrics? I don’t know.
Not everyone I know is Christian, however growing up going to Christain churches, they really nail it in (no pun intended) that you will be tempted to lose your faith but it’s very important that you do not. So when I hear people who grew up in a strict Christian family say that they no longer follow the Christian faith, it intrigues me. I want to know what led them to that decision. It seems to me that a lot of religions are fear based and fear is a very powerful thing, so I find it fascinating that someone can easily walk away from something that they once believed in enough to consider it their life after death destiny.
It almost makes you wonder, is it the religion that pushes you to keep your faith, or is it the feeling of being connected to a higher power or being? That feeling of oneness with the universe that people experience during intense prayer or chanting? To me, when it comes to preference of religion, to each their own, I believe that being spiritual is much more important than worrying about what you want to label yourself as. I personally do not waste my time trying to debunk religious beliefs, I don’t believe that is what will matter in the end, who was right or wrong. I think even the pursuit to be your best self and offer gratitude to the universe or to your creator is a honorable act in itself.
Prayer, like meditation, is a stress reducer, it is shown that praying for material gain however, does not work as well for reducing stress. What about affirmations, also known as the Law of Attraction? Is that a form of prayer? Well, it depends on how you pray and how you make your affirmations. Some people make affirmations to their God(s), some are simply sending them out into the universe. Is one method more effective than the other? If you truly desire the affirmation that you spoke and have faith in it, then it is already yours. When making affirmations, your faith is in the outcome, when you pray your faith is in the outcome of that prayer. Would you make affirmations if something horrible happened immediately after saying it, would you pray if no good ever came out of it? I can’t quite say that I would continue to pray if I felt I was being punished after each prayer with no end in sight. Luckily, that isn’t the case…for most of us.
The Law of attraction, in a nutshell, is the belief that through the thought process of “like energy attracting like energy” a person can bring what they desire into their life, such as health, wealth, or love. Although the Law of Attraction does not yet have a scientific basis and has been labeled a pseudoscience, it does not mean that people haven’t come up with explanations of their own. Many believe that it is all the workings of the subconscious mind, or the superconscious mind allowing the affirmations to take form in your life. Basically speaking something into existence with such conviction that you are subconsciously taking the proper actions to make the certain thing happen for you in your perfect way. Visualizations are also an important part of the process, seeing yourself in your mind where you desire to be, seeing it as if it already is. The “I want” vs “I have”, using “I want” implies that you do not have what you desire, “I have” is the conviction of the affirmation.


There truly is power in your words, no matter your religion, it is a fact. You can turn a situation that hasn’t even taken place yet completely around by watching what you say. People that are in the known about this fact are very careful about not only what they say, but what they spend their time thinking about. We have all had the day where we slip and say, “I really do not want to go into work today”, “I hate my job”, or “I hate this person, every time I talk to them they upset me”. This may throw some people off, but try this, try changing “I hate my job” to “I have a wonderful work (business), in a wonderful way, I give wonderful service for a wonderful pay.” I have personally tried this and it worked for me during a time of financial need. You can alternate ‘business’ or ‘work’ depending on which aspect of your life you’re focusing on. Or even change it completely out and replace the words with something pertaining to you personally.
Words are spells, when we are learning how to write in school it’s called spelling, coincidence? Maybe, maybe not, but here’s something weird I was looking into: a synonym for spell is ‘to signify’, and a synonym for signify is ‘manifest’! Manifestation? Speaking things into existence?? Casting spells to attract what you desire??? Well well well, who’s crazy now? Probably still me, but is that not just interesting? Not saying there is anything wrong with spells, I’m not really into the witchy-woo, but I don’t think spells are exclusive to witchcraft. We use them just about everyday, what do we use to refer to profanity, curse words is it? Have you never dropped a bomb? Well, you cursed. Different in a way, but not very. Just think about it, or not, and continue watching Dance Moms…No big deal.
If you get nothing else out of this, get this: meditate. If not for the spiritual aspects of it, and believe me, it’s a spiritual experience, do it for your health. If nothing else it is a stress break, no matter what you just dealt with throughout your day, not stressing has never caused more harm than stressing. And in case you haven’t heard yet, stress kills. Scientists have found that the brains of people who spend untold hours meditating or praying are different. When it comes to your brain, a spiritual experience is a spiritual experience no matter what your religion is. People of different religious beliefs say they have the same feeling of oneness and loss of self during meditation, prayer or chanting. Some say loss of self is how you start to reach your higher self. The ego must be put away in order for you to access your true self, the ego will always get in your way. Not many of us have mastered control of our mind, and we could all benefit from a bit of open mindedness.

Give something you read further thought if it did not sit with you well, do research and feel confident with your own ideas.

“What we need to do is study those moments where people feel that they’re getting beyond their brain, and understanding what’s happening in the brain from a scientific perspective, what’s happening in the brain from their spiritual perspective.” -Andrew Newberg. A neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania.

I hope you have enjoyed this, if so, share with a friend! Peace be with you all.

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