Welcome back, Warriors! Having a bit of anxiety, are ya? There is so much anxiety going around that if it were electricity, we’d have enough to power up Trump Towers for 100 billion years. But instead of talking about it, let’s start doing.

We’re jumping right into it, there’s no time to waste on anxiety. Let’s start with my favorite technique, Kapalabhati Practice. It might be a new word to some, it’s prounounced Kah-bah-lah-bah-tee. This is a risky breathing technique so you should practice this carefully and after having a full understanding, which I will assist you with as much as I can. If you are pregnant I would recommend a calmer breathing technique such as pranayama, which is a controlled, yogic breathing. Same for people with heart conditions or high blood pressure, practice with the instruction of a certified yoga instructor who is informed of your conditions. Nevertheless, I will go over both pranayama and Kapalabhati breathing practices.

Kapalabhati is a forceful, rhythmic exhale, the inhalation is passive like you’ll hear explained in the video linked below. Before you begin, first practice diaphragm breathing to put your mind and body into a relaxed state. Simply inhale through the nose, hold for counts 1, 2, 3, slowly exhale through kissable lips (puckered), continue to exhale and focus on loosening the jaw, shoulders and face. Repeat 10 times, continue to Kapalabhati breathing practice. Sit with feet flat on the floor and spine aligned, flex your feet upwards to help align spine or lay down on your back with your right hand on your abdomen and left hand at your side. Force air from your nose at a slow but rhythmic pace, no need to focus on the inhale, the inhale will be passive and organic. Focus instead on cleansing the body of negativity and illness because that’s what this breathing is doing. There are countless benefits but I’ll drop a few : yoga guru Sri Baba Ramdev recommends Kapalabhati for: Weight loss, toning abs, breast cancer, weak nerves, Strengthen immunity, increases sex stamina and sperm count, lung problems, menstrual issues, kidney stone issues, bone strength, uterine fibroids, acidity problems, energy booster, glowing skin, acne, hair loss, calms mind, sharp focus, stress and anxiety cure, promotes Kundalini Jagaran (Awakening). That’s enough to keep me practicing religiously! Continue your pace, there’s no need to exhaust yourself, if you start to feel dizzy please stop, take a break and continue with a slower rhythm. You can increase your time with more practice daily but first aim for 3-10 minutes a day.

Here I will provide a video for you to use as a guide for the Kapalabhati Breathing Technique, it will give you more visual so that you can practice safely and with confidence that you are performing the correct actions.

After that practice you’ll be in a heightened state this is the perfect time make affirmations and visualize your desires. Here’s some that I use regularly :

  • Relax and trust that all is well and that everything is unfolding perfectly.
  • I am an irresistible magnet to all that belongs to me by divine right.
  • I cast my burdens on the Christ/God (higher being) within, and I go free.

Now visualize yourself in your perfect situation, your dream home, family, career, emotional state, friends, whatever it is you’ve been longing for and accept that it is yours, prepare yourself for those things as if they are arriving in moments, because they are.

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