Welcome back, Warriors and Divine Beings! I hope you have been enjoying your Spring weather, I know I have! Well continue on reading, I have some brain pills for your life-aches 😉

Today, I was moved by memories of experiencing blockages in the throat chakra and I thought that maybe I could use that experience to help someone experiencing the same thing. Surprisingly everybody experiences this more often than I thought, but I’m here to see you through. The Throat Chakra is located right where you may guess, the throat. Place your hand there now and make a low hum, you may feel a little vibration, if not, please speak to a doctor, I’m not trained for all that.

When your throat chakra is imbalanced or closed, your communication skills could be as well. When your throat chakra is open, you may find yourself speaking clearly and not being misunderstood by the receiver. This is important because it allows for your thoughts to be transported effectively through speech, instead of being frustrated when trying to say what’s on your mind. Remember that? When you were trying to say how you felt during an important time and instead ran into a wall of frustration and misunderstanding? Maybe you were scared of losing something or saying the wrong thing? Yeah, me too. Or you may be a little dishonest, overly chatty, timid, arrogant? I’m not judging… I used to have a thing for ‘white lies’, no real reason, just young and fearful, no shame in my game. I also had a hard time saying ‘NO’, I actually still struggle with it at times. Or when you do say no, you start spilling your guts with reasons why? News flash, you don’t always need a reason to say no, if it doesn’t feel right just say no. You have the right to just not feel like doing something at the moment, or not wanting to partake in something. Yes, I know, the cringe is too much, they might get angry, you can’t take the disappointment, the guilt. You’ll never be able to speak to them again if you say no, and you’ll think about it all day, maybe even for a few days. So what? Just take it, be mute because it’s easier? No, you’ll make yourself sick, maybe even physically, coughing, sore throat, bronchitis. UGH! No thanks! It’s unnecessary to live that way when there’s a better way!

Opening your Throat Chakra

Opening your Throat Chakra is achieved through various ways, all involving boosting confidence, but the most common method is through meditation, you cannot skip out on meditation! You need to cleanse your throat chakra of any negativity, try chanting or repetition of affirmations if chanting is against your beliefs. I like chanting, it’s magical for healing. I’ll plug my favorite chants below! (My beliefs are mixed, some traditional some new age, but I don’t wanna offend so I won’t even go there.) If you have no faith or affirmations in mind and choose not to use chants, you may use this affirmation that I use from The Greatest Book Ever Written. “I now smash and demolish, by my spoken word, every untrue record in my subconscious mind. They shall return to the dust heap of their native nothingness, for they come from my own vain imaginings. I now make my perfect records through the Christ (God, divine being, force) within. The records of health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression. This is the square of Life” You may repeat this until it feels right. Write it on a paper and put it somewhere that you frequent so that you can say it every time you see it.

For those who don’t mind chants, I use this Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, click this link and it’ll take you to a YouTube video that has this soothing chant for you to listen to and follow along to. It’s a Buddhist mantra, if that makes you uncomfortable, that’s fine, but it’s honestly for anyone to use, it doesn’t make you a Buddhist to use it. I use this mantra for transformation, meditation, manifestations and peace. If you need more information here’s a Wikipedia link to explain it.

I’m always here to help, it’s my favorite thing to do in the world, next to eating.

Remain divine, peace be with you all. Namaste.

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