A bad mood follows a bad day. Yes, that’s a very pessimistic statement, I know. There are exceptions to that statement, like when you’re feeling down and someone or something comes along and lifts you up, all of a sudden your day turns around and you’re back to being your old cheery little self. However, when you close yourself off to the joy that is knocking on your hearts’ door telling you to open up, you’ll soon notice that nothing can help you, and you’re dismissive of anything uplifting, therefore prolonging your ‘bad mood’.

Your Loss Does Not Define You

Have you ever heard of the saying, “when it rains, it pours”? Well, a very simple explanation of that happens to be the same as the Laws of Attraction: ‘like attracts like.’ During times of stress, such as loss of a job, car or home, we tend to take on very negative energy, that negative energy attracts more negative energy. Your eating habits change, your mindset changes and believe it or not your physical appearance changes as well. People may start to ask if you’re feeling alright, your friends may not hang around as much because they can no longer feed on your positive energy, and before you know it, you’re a different person.

Your food choice should not fuel your sadness, it should help to repair your energy. This means don’t pull out the family sized bag of cheetos when you’ve just had a bad breakup, this means head to Whole Foods or a juicery and get yourself some green juice! When you are feeling good you attract good! You will no longer have to say “when it rains, it pours.” You will be able to be a divine being and transform that bad situation into a new and positive opportunity. “Yes, I just lost my car, now let me go for a walk in nature and gather my thoughts and connect with the earth so that I can attract an even better car!” “I just lost my job, so this frees up some time to go sit in the woods or in some soft grass and meditate on attracting my DREAM job!” Let’s be honest, you never really liked that job anyway, if you loved it and it truly belonged to you, then it would be yours in due time. That was no loss my friend, that was a rescue. So was that divorce, breakup, and loss number, a rescue. If it is truly yours by divine right, it will be yours.

The Laws of Attraction are very real, however, sitting around visualizing what you want won’t manifest on its own. Visualizing IS important but not AS important as putting action along with those visuals. The power of thought is not as powerful as the power of action. When I was 18, I used the Laws of Attraction for my first car, it worked, but I also used hard work and responsibility along with it. You have a responsibility to prove yourself to the universe before you are aided. You can speak, visualize and pray for what you want, but until you put forth that effort in proving whatever it is you must prove, I’m not sure if you’ll get much help.

Be strong, be courageous, be divine, salute the divinity in all things. Peace be with you all. Namaste.

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