Kabreion Chisolm Founder and Author of KGL


Kabreion’s Garden of Life focuses on health issues regarding clean food and water, taking control of your physical , mental and emotional health, and being mindful about the things you expose yourself to. Not only discussing seen matters but matters that are also unseen, matters that go beyond just eating right. KGL delves into the harsh realities of where our food comes from, the truth about CAFOs, tap water, large food companies, and the companies that claim to be helping but are just money grabbers. We will discuss better options on obtaining good quality food and water, plant based diets, spiritual development, metaphysical, philosophy, different religious freedoms, and much more powerful things!

One thought on “About

  1. I truly enjoyed reading your blog. It was well written, thought out and insightful.
    I will try your receipe and see how it tastes. Certainly sounds good.
    Looking forward to the next edition – Jeff Evans

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