Why I am STOCKING UP On Alkaline Water This Summer! **Including Tips**

If you’re not drinking alkaline water, then I suggest you start! In case you are unaware of what alkaline water is, it is water that has a higher pH level of regular drinking water, which SHOULD have a pH level of 7. But unless you have a water purifier and pH testing strips, I would not trust drinking from the tap or random water fountains that you are unsure of. Good Alkaline water has a pH level of 8-10, anything pushing 14 is crazy alkaline!

Benefits of drinking alkaline water:

Alkaline water is proven to hydrate you much faster than regular water! Which would really come in handy during the summer on those hot, sweaty days. Some believe it has anti-aging properties, so maybe you can save money on buying the creams and masks and just buy some pH level water. It also works as a colon cleanser, skin booster, immune system supporter, and has cancer fighting benefits. You can also expect to use it as a part of your morning energizing routine! 1 glass of room temp to warm alkaline water, add a little lemon juice and BAM! You’re hydrating your organs and alkalizing your body! It also might help with bloating, bloating can be caused by the body being too acidic and some alkaline water can fix that right up!


You can find alkaline water sources almost everywhere nowadays! If there’s a Whole Foods near you, you might try checking the water section and there is usually a water refill station that charges 99 cents for a gallon of alkaline water. To minimize waste, I have a BPA free 2 gallon water container that I refill to get my alkaline fix. Fiji water is also alkaline, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water, Alkaline 88 Water, Spring Water, and Essence pH 10 are some of my favorites! But there’s so many, it usually will say so on the bottle.

Well, thanks for reading. Have a fun summer and drink tons of water so you’ll look and feel super good! Feel free to comment letting me know some great alkaline water brands and whatever else you want to comment!

Peace be with you all. Namaste

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