Why The World is Going VEGAN!

Okay, so, it’s happening. Don’t panic. Just let it.

If you’re on YouTube I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of “What I Ate Today As A Vegan” videos and “VEGAN MUKBANG” videos, celebrities promoting Veganism, it’s everywhere. It may seem like a trend that some are secretly hoping will fade soon, but, in my honest opinion, Veganism ain’t going nowhere baby!

Here’s why: People ACTUALLY enjoy it! ‘WOW! REALLY?’ YES! It’s actually enjoyable! Meat eaters and fast food lovers look at vegans as tortured, controlling, self-punishing, extreme dieters, self-righteous, or just weird. And in my case, 1 of those stereotypes are correct. I’m extremely weird. I’m a Virgo, can’t really help it. More often than not, I love being vegan, the only downsides is having to work a little harder to get good, clean food at good prices. Also, the inevitable naysayers that suddenly become doctors when I say that I’m vegan. “Oh, you’re gonna die, you can’t survive on a vegan diet.” My response is always, “Lord help us, take me now Lord!”

You may think simply directing those people to some well researched articles will do the trick, well DON’T BOTHER! Most naysayers will try to debunk even THE MOST well researched information that exists to continue with their lifestyle. Which is the funny part, because when I announce that I’m vegan, I never follow with “you should try it too,” I simply leave it as a statement for my dietary preference. But the need is still there to defend why they aren’t vegan, as if I’m the police asking about drugs. Hey, it’s cool! Not everyone has to be a Vegan, do your own thing, life is too short to follow trends. I don’t shame others for eating animal products, because not long ago, I was having cereal and milk for breakfast, getting sick and having it for breakfast again. This went on for years, insanity, doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome. It never once occurred to me that maybe I couldn’t digest milk properly because I’m not a baby COW… and perhaps I should switch to something yummier that makes me feel better like vanilla flavored almond milk! GASP! Which is so good! It’s so much better than cow pus juice! Plus it won’t give you acne or lethargy. Again… no shame.

Another thing I seem to come across and have personally experienced, is the feeling of compassion. I swear, it’s the craziest thing. Once you’re not consuming animals, you suddenly can’t bare to harm a soul! I found myself avoiding killing spiders…SPIDERS! MY SWORN ENEMY! I could no longer harm them, if I did, I would be near tears. I would get this feeling of deep shame and disappointment. The reason is, or the scientific theory of Kabreion, moi, and also research done by DOCTORS, is the karmic debt that comes with causing harm to animals is present when when you consume animals that experienced a horrible life and death. When animals are inhumanely finished for our food source, the universe sees to it that consequences are given. It’s been shown that meat eaters tend to be more aggressive than vegans, not in ALL cases, but it’s still very significant.

Consuming animal products aren’t taboo in my book, however, I still feel if we’re going to use living things as our food source, something that’s so essential to life, then what’s SO wrong with art least being humane about it? It says a lot about us as a species, how we treat our animals. Pigs show emotion, chickens, and cows show emotion. There’s nothing different from eating a dog or a pig except your perspective. Have you ever interacted with a pet pig??? They are smart as s***! They can be trained and play with you! It’s just some FOOD for thought… see what I did there? Hehe okay I’ll leave now. Bye.

At the end of the day guys, it’s your life. Judging by the looks of our planet… you might just wanna live it up immediately and be the best version if yourself. Peace be with you all. Namaste

Disclaimer: This BLOG is not intended as medical advice. These are all my opinions based off of personal research. THIS BLOG claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners.

Is Your Job An Energy Vampire?

I have never been the kind of person that can endure misery at a job for long periods of time, especially with no end in sight. I’m not even sure what kind of person that makes anybody, being that every situation is different. Some people stay at jobs they hate for many reasons, financial burden, security, even friendships. I know I’ve had a hard time leaving jobs because of the attachments formed with my coworkers, or a promised raise or vacation time that I held out for but never recieved. But in all honesty, when it comes to your well-being, is the decision to release a heavy burden that hard? Well, for some, yes.

Stop Saying “My Job.”

When you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, and you no longer have time to find the ‘perfect’ job, you might pick the fastest option. This does not mean that you have to claim the role of your new and present circumstance. If you choose to serve food for tips so that you may afford a place to sleep, awesome, but you don’t have to brand yourself as such. You are placing that title on your life and hindering yourself from moving forward faster. Once you become conscious, you need to be very careful of your words, and the titles you speak onto yourself, you can very well speak yourself into doom. Your title is: divine being having a human experience on earth. Your title is not ‘Buster’s employee.’ Your life is as fulfilled as your mind. If in your mind you are just a janitor, then that may stick around like glitter. I already consider myself all things that I wish to be, because I know well enough how powerful I am and how much damage I can do to myself if my mind isn’t in the right place.

Making A Move

Maybe it’s time to make a move. Take that literally and metaphorically. If there is someone or something about you that’s leading you to believe that we take whatever we’re dealt because it’s the easiest thing to do, maybe it’s time to make a move. It’s not ok to be unhappy, it’s not the ‘norm’, and you don’t have to get used to it. Take the time to do the things that get you closer to where you want to be in life. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, but I like to imagine the face of disappointment on my future self if I waste all this precious time being unhappy. I would hate to be on the receiving end of my scowl. It’s scary.

I’m not saying to rush and jump into a random opportunity, definitely take your time, but be sure the time is used wisely. Plans will change and transform during your journey, so don’t take up too much time getting hung up on all of the details of your plans and dreams.

Don’t Ignore Red Flags

If you’re unsure if you’re just burned out or genuinely in the wrong field that doesn’t suit your life’s purpose, pay attention to signs and red flags. If your life consists of working and getting home and not having the energy to do anything productive or spiritually healing, red flag. The job you do shouldn’t prevent you from having a happy, fulfilling life. Most jobs are energy vampires, it could be your coworkers or boss, physical demands or the fact that it’s against your morals. Perhaps you’re a health advocate working in fast food, an animal lover working at kill shelters, sometimes even a teacher in a public school. With all of the limitations and challenges, many teachers don’t feel like they are performing their life’s purpose teaching because making an impact has boundaries.

There are countless jobs that can meet my list of being energy vampires. We just need to know when enough is too much. If the job you are doing isn’t YOU enough then it’s not worth it, ask yourself how YOU is this job? If you can’t make at least 3 connections from you to the job, then it’s not you.

In the meantime of figuring things out, when you get home from work, take at least 30 minutes to stretch and meditate. There are countless videos on YouTube for taking care of your mind and body, please take advantage of your resources, you have plenty. I’ll place a link to my favorite YouTube channel for yoga therapy. Take time to take care of yourself, whatever you need to get done won’t happen if you’re depleted.

Here’s a link for a free stress melt yoga session with Adriene: Yoga With Adriene, you may thank me later! Much love!

Trust that you have everything that you need. Don’t ever limit your life, health or happiness. You deserve it all. Namaste.

You Are Not Your Situation

A bad mood follows a bad day. Yes, that’s a very pessimistic statement, I know. There are exceptions to that statement, like when you’re feeling down and someone or something comes along and lifts you up, all of a sudden your day turns around and you’re back to being your old cheery little self. However, when you close yourself off to the joy that is knocking on your hearts’ door telling you to open up, you’ll soon notice that nothing can help you, and you’re dismissive of anything uplifting, therefore prolonging your ‘bad mood’.

Your Loss Does Not Define You

Have you ever heard of the saying, “when it rains, it pours”? Well, a very simple explanation of that happens to be the same as the Laws of Attraction: ‘like attracts like.’ During times of stress, such as loss of a job, car or home, we tend to take on very negative energy, that negative energy attracts more negative energy. Your eating habits change, your mindset changes and believe it or not your physical appearance changes as well. People may start to ask if you’re feeling alright, your friends may not hang around as much because they can no longer feed on your positive energy, and before you know it, you’re a different person.

Your food choice should not fuel your sadness, it should help to repair your energy. This means don’t pull out the family sized bag of cheetos when you’ve just had a bad breakup, this means head to Whole Foods or a juicery and get yourself some green juice! When you are feeling good you attract good! You will no longer have to say “when it rains, it pours.” You will be able to be a divine being and transform that bad situation into a new and positive opportunity. “Yes, I just lost my car, now let me go for a walk in nature and gather my thoughts and connect with the earth so that I can attract an even better car!” “I just lost my job, so this frees up some time to go sit in the woods or in some soft grass and meditate on attracting my DREAM job!” Let’s be honest, you never really liked that job anyway, if you loved it and it truly belonged to you, then it would be yours in due time. That was no loss my friend, that was a rescue. So was that divorce, breakup, and loss number, a rescue. If it is truly yours by divine right, it will be yours.

The Laws of Attraction are very real, however, sitting around visualizing what you want won’t manifest on its own. Visualizing IS important but not AS important as putting action along with those visuals. The power of thought is not as powerful as the power of action. When I was 18, I used the Laws of Attraction for my first car, it worked, but I also used hard work and responsibility along with it. You have a responsibility to prove yourself to the universe before you are aided. You can speak, visualize and pray for what you want, but until you put forth that effort in proving whatever it is you must prove, I’m not sure if you’ll get much help.

Be strong, be courageous, be divine, salute the divinity in all things. Peace be with you all. Namaste.

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Dealing With Miscommunication and Throat Chakras

Welcome back, Warriors and Divine Beings! I hope you have been enjoying your Spring weather, I know I have! Well continue on reading, I have some brain pills for your life-aches 😉

Today, I was moved by memories of experiencing blockages in the throat chakra and I thought that maybe I could use that experience to help someone experiencing the same thing. Surprisingly everybody experiences this more often than I thought, but I’m here to see you through. The Throat Chakra is located right where you may guess, the throat. Place your hand there now and make a low hum, you may feel a little vibration, if not, please speak to a doctor, I’m not trained for all that.

When your throat chakra is imbalanced or closed, your communication skills could be as well. When your throat chakra is open, you may find yourself speaking clearly and not being misunderstood by the receiver. This is important because it allows for your thoughts to be transported effectively through speech, instead of being frustrated when trying to say what’s on your mind. Remember that? When you were trying to say how you felt during an important time and instead ran into a wall of frustration and misunderstanding? Maybe you were scared of losing something or saying the wrong thing? Yeah, me too. Or you may be a little dishonest, overly chatty, timid, arrogant? I’m not judging… I used to have a thing for ‘white lies’, no real reason, just young and fearful, no shame in my game. I also had a hard time saying ‘NO’, I actually still struggle with it at times. Or when you do say no, you start spilling your guts with reasons why? News flash, you don’t always need a reason to say no, if it doesn’t feel right just say no. You have the right to just not feel like doing something at the moment, or not wanting to partake in something. Yes, I know, the cringe is too much, they might get angry, you can’t take the disappointment, the guilt. You’ll never be able to speak to them again if you say no, and you’ll think about it all day, maybe even for a few days. So what? Just take it, be mute because it’s easier? No, you’ll make yourself sick, maybe even physically, coughing, sore throat, bronchitis. UGH! No thanks! It’s unnecessary to live that way when there’s a better way!

Opening your Throat Chakra

Opening your Throat Chakra is achieved through various ways, all involving boosting confidence, but the most common method is through meditation, you cannot skip out on meditation! You need to cleanse your throat chakra of any negativity, try chanting or repetition of affirmations if chanting is against your beliefs. I like chanting, it’s magical for healing. I’ll plug my favorite chants below! (My beliefs are mixed, some traditional some new age, but I don’t wanna offend so I won’t even go there.) If you have no faith or affirmations in mind and choose not to use chants, you may use this affirmation that I use from The Greatest Book Ever Written. “I now smash and demolish, by my spoken word, every untrue record in my subconscious mind. They shall return to the dust heap of their native nothingness, for they come from my own vain imaginings. I now make my perfect records through the Christ (God, divine being, force) within. The records of health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression. This is the square of Life” You may repeat this until it feels right. Write it on a paper and put it somewhere that you frequent so that you can say it every time you see it.

For those who don’t mind chants, I use this Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, click this link and it’ll take you to a YouTube video that has this soothing chant for you to listen to and follow along to. It’s a Buddhist mantra, if that makes you uncomfortable, that’s fine, but it’s honestly for anyone to use, it doesn’t make you a Buddhist to use it. I use this mantra for transformation, meditation, manifestations and peace. If you need more information here’s a Wikipedia link to explain it.

I’m always here to help, it’s my favorite thing to do in the world, next to eating.

Remain divine, peace be with you all. Namaste.

Law of Attraction vs Prayer!

We are in strange and confusing times, where just about everything seems to be unattainable. Things that were once goals have become only dreams, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to live alone anymore without a roommate, with costs of living skyrocketing like it has. Friends and family that I once knew to be very adamant Christians have changed or lost their faith altogether. Now, I’m not blaming this on the economy, but you have to admit, things are way more confusing today than they ever were before. Ask a row of people, any age, any gender, “do you have any idea what is going on in the world, with your life, or with anything?” Why are we here? Why this planet? Why is our Commander-in-Chief basically a Hollywood star, like a Kardashian or something? Wouldn’t he do a more productive job if he were anonymous? How can you run a country if you’re always meddling in media drama? Why is the news basically a fear monger, can current events just be straight-forward without all the theatrics? I don’t know.
Not everyone I know is Christian, however growing up going to Christain churches, they really nail it in (no pun intended) that you will be tempted to lose your faith but it’s very important that you do not. So when I hear people who grew up in a strict Christian family say that they no longer follow the Christian faith, it intrigues me. I want to know what led them to that decision. It seems to me that a lot of religions are fear based and fear is a very powerful thing, so I find it fascinating that someone can easily walk away from something that they once believed in enough to consider it their life after death destiny.
It almost makes you wonder, is it the religion that pushes you to keep your faith, or is it the feeling of being connected to a higher power or being? That feeling of oneness with the universe that people experience during intense prayer or chanting? To me, when it comes to preference of religion, to each their own, I believe that being spiritual is much more important than worrying about what you want to label yourself as. I personally do not waste my time trying to debunk religious beliefs, I don’t believe that is what will matter in the end, who was right or wrong. I think even the pursuit to be your best self and offer gratitude to the universe or to your creator is a honorable act in itself.
Prayer, like meditation, is a stress reducer, it is shown that praying for material gain however, does not work as well for reducing stress. What about affirmations, also known as the Law of Attraction? Is that a form of prayer? Well, it depends on how you pray and how you make your affirmations. Some people make affirmations to their God(s), some are simply sending them out into the universe. Is one method more effective than the other? If you truly desire the affirmation that you spoke and have faith in it, then it is already yours. When making affirmations, your faith is in the outcome, when you pray your faith is in the outcome of that prayer. Would you make affirmations if something horrible happened immediately after saying it, would you pray if no good ever came out of it? I can’t quite say that I would continue to pray if I felt I was being punished after each prayer with no end in sight. Luckily, that isn’t the case…for most of us.
The Law of attraction, in a nutshell, is the belief that through the thought process of “like energy attracting like energy” a person can bring what they desire into their life, such as health, wealth, or love. Although the Law of Attraction does not yet have a scientific basis and has been labeled a pseudoscience, it does not mean that people haven’t come up with explanations of their own. Many believe that it is all the workings of the subconscious mind, or the superconscious mind allowing the affirmations to take form in your life. Basically speaking something into existence with such conviction that you are subconsciously taking the proper actions to make the certain thing happen for you in your perfect way. Visualizations are also an important part of the process, seeing yourself in your mind where you desire to be, seeing it as if it already is. The “I want” vs “I have”, using “I want” implies that you do not have what you desire, “I have” is the conviction of the affirmation.


There truly is power in your words, no matter your religion, it is a fact. You can turn a situation that hasn’t even taken place yet completely around by watching what you say. People that are in the known about this fact are very careful about not only what they say, but what they spend their time thinking about. We have all had the day where we slip and say, “I really do not want to go into work today”, “I hate my job”, or “I hate this person, every time I talk to them they upset me”. This may throw some people off, but try this, try changing “I hate my job” to “I have a wonderful work (business), in a wonderful way, I give wonderful service for a wonderful pay.” I have personally tried this and it worked for me during a time of financial need. You can alternate ‘business’ or ‘work’ depending on which aspect of your life you’re focusing on. Or even change it completely out and replace the words with something pertaining to you personally.
Words are spells, when we are learning how to write in school it’s called spelling, coincidence? Maybe, maybe not, but here’s something weird I was looking into: a synonym for spell is ‘to signify’, and a synonym for signify is ‘manifest’! Manifestation? Speaking things into existence?? Casting spells to attract what you desire??? Well well well, who’s crazy now? Probably still me, but is that not just interesting? Not saying there is anything wrong with spells, I’m not really into the witchy-woo, but I don’t think spells are exclusive to witchcraft. We use them just about everyday, what do we use to refer to profanity, curse words is it? Have you never dropped a bomb? Well, you cursed. Different in a way, but not very. Just think about it, or not, and continue watching Dance Moms…No big deal.
If you get nothing else out of this, get this: meditate. If not for the spiritual aspects of it, and believe me, it’s a spiritual experience, do it for your health. If nothing else it is a stress break, no matter what you just dealt with throughout your day, not stressing has never caused more harm than stressing. And in case you haven’t heard yet, stress kills. Scientists have found that the brains of people who spend untold hours meditating or praying are different. When it comes to your brain, a spiritual experience is a spiritual experience no matter what your religion is. People of different religious beliefs say they have the same feeling of oneness and loss of self during meditation, prayer or chanting. Some say loss of self is how you start to reach your higher self. The ego must be put away in order for you to access your true self, the ego will always get in your way. Not many of us have mastered control of our mind, and we could all benefit from a bit of open mindedness.

Give something you read further thought if it did not sit with you well, do research and feel confident with your own ideas.

“What we need to do is study those moments where people feel that they’re getting beyond their brain, and understanding what’s happening in the brain from a scientific perspective, what’s happening in the brain from their spiritual perspective.” -Andrew Newberg. A neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania.

I hope you have enjoyed this, if so, share with a friend! Peace be with you all.